Are you taking business decisions under high pressure? Feel like it should be easier if only you understood the rules of the game? Looking for a way to take the stress out of decision making? If so, then take this course – it was designed with you in mind There is a simple three step process to taking better decisions every time. Step One – "Where are we?" – learn about simple broad brush tools used to gain a helicopter view of the commercial landscape. Avoid the mistake of using the "Ready Fire Aim" approach. Identify the biggest rock in your road. Step Two – "Where could we go?" – learn ways to generate lots of creative options using techniques from the advertising industry. Step Three – "How will we get there?" – apply 5 Acid Test questions to isolate the choice of option with the greatest chance of delivering results. Learn how to use the SWOT tool properly and include Fishbone Analysis to add extra levels of insight. Develop new ways to examine the long term commercial attractiveness of your markets with Porter's 5 Forces and the GE Grid. Consider long term trends with PEST analysis. Isolate the single biggest issue causing 80% of your problem. Unleash your creativity to give yourself options. Rate your options with 5 simple questions to back the decision with the greatest chance of success. This course covers the core curriculum of a corporate management decision making programme and is the summarised experience of years in business.