How to Teach a Creative Writing Course



In this course, you will learn how to create a safe and productive teaching environment for your students, one that is most conducive to their learning. You will be taughthow to get the best out of your students while giving themthe most enjoyable and enriching experience possible. I will be providinga road map of a six week beginner’s course, which can be adapted to your needs and that of your students. We will cover the topics of why we write stories, fantastic first pages, character, dialogue, structure, the hero’s journey, memoir, the short story, my top ten tips for writing and where your studentsgo from here. I will also be providing exercises that you can have your students complete and examples from literature that I recommend using. There will be a cheat sheet provided, summarizing the salient points of the course in PDF form. I aim to teach you everything I have learned in my years of giving creative writing courses, to enable you to facilitate your own courses aseffectively as possible.