Can $5,000 Grow into More Than $15 Million in Futures?The Bestselling New York Times recognized financial classic Market Wizards Documents That Ed Seykota Did Just This [on page #158]! SUBJECT: Introducing a Controlled Leverage Approach to Futures Risk!Hello fellow Main Street investor,You Have To Be Thinking… There Must Be a Better Way?!I can’t tell you how many times I did the math.I did it over and over again, because I just couldn’t believe the numbers that kept popping up 68%, 150%, 233%, even 488% profits!So I referred back to the traders I had studied who developed these strategies; men like Stanley Kroll and Ed Seykota. I wanted to make sure that these numbers are right.I concluded that if anything they were on the low side.Here’s a fact: In all of my 23 years of investment experience, I have never seen more flexible possibilities in not just wealth building but also risk management. This training has it all big hits, fast runs, crazy yields, and solid long-term vision.Then again, you could also lose every dime you put into the futures markets. But here’s the kicker: You only invest a very small amount of your money. And that is only after you practice risk free in a simulated trading environment I have prepared especially for you.Discover how to make small tests like oil wildcatters do. Never risk more than a tenth of your trading capital to step firmly on the road to total financial freedom.The possibilities are endless.You can earn substantial investment returns that over time can add up to millions of dollars all the while knowing 90 percent of your money is safely tucked away in secure guaranteed investments of your choosing!A Tale of Two InvestorsLet me illustrate the tremendous money-making power of Bulletproof Futures Trading. I think you’ll be amazed.Two investors…”Investor 1″ wants a safe retirement 23 years away. His $50,000 savings is stuffed in five percent yield tax-free bonds. With reinvestment this ultra conservative will grow family savings $153,576. That will happen when he is grey haired at sixty-five. Not bad though dont you agree?”Investor 2″ wants security as well and buys five percent bonds. But, differently than “Investor 1”, he puts 10 percent of his portfolio $5,000 in futures at a thirty-three percent return.When “Investor 2” stops working twenty-three years later the forty-five thousand of tax free bonds is now $138,218. But the other at a thirty-three percent return is an eye-popping $3,528,236. Total take is $3,666,430. That is twenty-four times the take of “Investor 1!”Let me admit right here that there are a couple of things left out of this calculation. Taxes, for example. And of course, there’s also the risk of loss that takes you back a few paces. Still, you get the point: a little bit of money carefully invested makes more profit than a lot of money at low rates of return.Did you ever think as little as 10% of your portfolio could create that much wealth?It can!And the best news is, you don’t have to “bet the farm” or risk most of your hard-earned savings to succeed. All it takes is a few thousand or as little as 10 percent of your portfolio and a couple of hours a month of your time.Leverage: The Secret Weapon of the Mega-WealthyWhat is the underlying secret to the huge success of this Udemy course?You learn techniques for leveraging and controlling risk developed by successful traders. Getting it right rains money. But duffing it here and they losses little when leverage is controlled. Imagine going to the store and having the clerk tell you that you can buy $100 worth of goods for every dollar you have…Using other peoples money gives you your check-mate moves in the game of controlled leverage futures trading. Today’s wealthy elite didn’t grow rich The posh families of Londons East End and Beverly Hills did not make it with the rule of buy low and sell high alone. Their ships cam in compounding with other peoples money. They do this with foreign currency, petroleum, real estate, and anything else then can wangle. This Udemy course puts these same powerful leveraging techniques at your fingertips, so you can make big-money moves without all of the risks typically associated with high leverage.Minimum Risk Unlimited ReturnWhat kind of income potential does futures offer using the futures trading strategies?The potential is enormous! A beginner inexperience could have turned a couple of grand into three in a matter of months. Another more seasoned investor could have initiated 10 of the same option positions and turned a collected $30,000 profit in a mere five months!You already know what happened to $5,000 with a 33% returns above in “a tale of two investors.”I know what you are thinking, what investment cranks out 33%? Now understand, that I would be a con artist if I guaranteed any of your returns. And my advice is never personal. Honestly, with futures contracts loss is always a possibility. That’s why amateurs who get into commodity trading frequently take huge losses. But the pros always limit their losses with discipline only putting a small part of their portfolios at risk. Profit possibilities in futures trading are so large that a few hits a year can fully reverse losses on small test trades. For example,How the Same Investment Can Cough Up 21 Times the ProfitBy following the principles of this Udemy course, you can multiply the power of every dollar you invest 20, 30, even 50 times over… and that means you can also multiply your profits.There are four critical values that you have to calculate every time you invest in a futures option spread.Largest Draw-down PossibleLargest Profit PossibleFree Trade PointBufferThese 4 pillars of profitability will guide your actions as a controlled leverage futures trader like a pro. Enroll Now For This Potentially Life Changing Training Today!Sincerely, -Doc BrownDr. Scott Brown, Associate Professor of Finance of the AACSB Accredited Graduate School of Business of the University of Puerto Rico