How To Trade Forex with Commitments of Traders


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Commitments of Traders is issued by CFTC. The report gives us a powerful view on what exactly SMART MONEY has been doing in the marketplace and what their plans are. Whether you are a pro or newbie trader, once you learn C.O.T custom metrics like#1: Share of Open Interest#2: Speculative Net positions#3: Speculative extremesYou will be able to#1: Position yourself on the right side of that market#2: Triple or quadruple your returns by holding your winners#3: Identify markets that are about to make a big moveYou will never look at charts in the same way again!Every serious forex, commodity or futures trader must have a long-term bias in the market. Its important for you to get your bias sorted and filter out the noise. You need to know if you are a bull or a bear. This course will allow you to finally:See what speculators are doing and whyIdentify markets that are about to make a big moveGauge if the current trend is just beginning or about to endBe right more often