Are you ready to learn How to Use Google Plus? You’ve heard of it, maybe even dabbled with it, but do you truly know how to use it?In this course you will learn:How to create profilesHow to create and use Collections and CommunitiesHow to find and use Hashtags to significantly increase your posts reachHow to use Google+ to directly email people you may not even have an email address forHow to navigate the new User InterfacePrivacy SettingsAnd so much more!Fun Fact 1: This course is for people who are tired of being cooped up on Facebook trying to find folks that you met at some distant point in your life. Google+ is a different type of social network. Its focus is on content more than existing relationships. That means it is a great place to share your ideas and thoughts and meet others with similar views and passions. In essence, Google+ is where you can meet new people and expand your sphere of influence.Fun Fact 2:Social media doesnt have to be an all consuming wall of content about your friends, their cats, meals, and problems. With Google+ you can have a social stream that only displays content from those you want to see content from. With Google+ social media can be fun again!Fun Fact 3:The information that I’m sharing in this course is the same information that I use in my business to help local small businesses create their own social media presence and market themselves online. That means you can learn from me now and help businesses in your area tomorrow! OR If you are a small business owner, you can learn directly from me on how I do things so that you can save your hard earned money and setup your own profile and pages.