Do you want to learnHow To Use Hashtags In Social Media Marketingand take advantage of this modern day communication tool ? If yes, then you are in the right place.Hashtags have become a part and parcel of contemporary social media communication. It has evolved with time into a powerful tool to categorize topics and conversations as well as to track, monitor and analyze content across multiple social media platforms.What is a hashtag ? Why are hashtags important ? What is the purpose of hashtags in social media marketing ? If you want to know the answer to all these questions and more, this course is meant for you.If youre serious about your social media marketing, hashtags should play an essential part in crafting your campaigns.Here is the course outline to help you plan your learning experience depending on where you are are in your learning journey.1.Introduction To Hashtags2.History Of Hashtags3.Benefits Of Hashtags4.Hashtag Strategies For Social Media Marketing – Part 15.Hashtag Strategies For Social Media Marketing – Part 26.How To Create And Use Hashtags The Right Way7.How ToResearch Hashtags8.How ToTrack, Monitor And Analyze Hashtags9.Evergreen Hashtags You Can Use Today10.Hashtag Campaigns And Case Studies11.Final Thoughts And Next StepsHashtags can help you to target your audience, expand the reach of your content, grow your brand and more. You have a choice to take advantage of this powerful tool or be left behind as hashtagswill continue to be relevant and impact our social media landscape.