How to use Moodle 3.7 for course creators and teachers



Have you just started with Moodle and found all the information is scattered everywhere over the internet?Then this is exactly what you need.Everything you need to know in the one place that will show you how to complete all the common tasks that a course creator or teacher needs to work with Moodle.Bonus tricks and tips section showing you easier ways to create content and activities.Course development walk throughs with examples demonstrating how to create a course from scratch and how to setup grade book.This course will continue to evolve and provide the most up to date and useful course development instructions.This course will get you on the right track, provide all the information you need to not only get started but to continue to learn and improve your Moodle course development skills.How do I use Grade-book? How do I use Scales or how do I use Letter?How do I make my course look awesome?If there is a topic you need , let me know and it will be added to the course. This course will grow with you and become a reference to help you as you start using new tools and plugins in Moodle.