How ToWrite a Book in 30 Days -A Book Writing Course for Nonficiton AuthorsIf writing a book, specifically a non-fiction book (one that teaches something) has been on your bucket list for a while, this class is for you.Whether you want to write a book:As a personal challenge or project To build a following To build your authority in your field To grow your business Dont wait any longer to make it happen.My name is Emilie, and Im an entrepreneurand a meditation instructor. In the past two years, Ive written three non-fiction books, each of them in less than 30 days, even though English is my second language.In this class, Ill share the simple 10-step formulathat Ive used to write abookin a very short time.This formula Makes writing a book easier and faster. Produces books that are easier to read and that better respond to the readers needs to enhance the readers experiences. Works to create any other type of content thats information-based, so you can use it to produce other information products in the future. Youll see that by following this formula, writing a book is not only doable, but its not even that difficult.This course is practical, concise, and fluff-free.I’m only giving you the real tips that willmake thewriting of yourbook easier, without wasting your time withunnecessary details.This is book writing made (almost) easy.Join me in this class now and make your book project become a reality!