Are you a writer of extended works of non-fiction – books,memoirs, reportage,review articles, oressays?If so – or if you want to be – this course is for you! I’ll train you in a system for recording and organizing your ideas so that you don’t spend most of your time hunting for sources – a system that will allow the structure and organization of your piece to emerge naturally from the content. You’ll learn how to weed painlesslythrough your notes and assign ideas to chapters or sections of your work. We’ll discuss how to face that fearsome blank page andget through a first draft.Writing can be a long process, and I’ll provide strategies to remain focussed and productive. Once you have a draft, we’ll consider what professional writers know is the phase where the real product emerges:Editing. I’ll offer concrete tips for the structural edit, for the fine-tuning edit, and for the dull but necessary task of proofreading. As a psychologist and published author (How to be Miserable:40 Strategies You Already Use, The Assertiveness Workbook, Your Depression Map, Private Practice Made Simple, and more) I will guide you through the practical and mental process of writing engaging and successful nonfiction. My goal is to save you hundreds of hours of frustration, and to help you produce the very best work you can.