During this Learn HTML and CSS Crash course, youll discover necessary elements behind becoming a web developer. The objective of this crash course is to take someone who is a mouse and keyboard user and teach them the essentials of web development by teaching HTML, CSS and some HTML5.This is a fundamental course for learning HTML and it does not assume that participants have prior knowledge. By the end of the HTML and CSS Crash Course, you will know the essentials for creating your first website. Included: Demo files An optional quiz to test what youve learned Certificate of completionWhat People Are Saying: Simple instructions to follow. Very good for people who a fast introduction to HTML and CSS. -Andreas Gosch Very informative. It was the correct way to invest my time and money. Thank you for the great course. -Yamen Suliman In conjunction with other courses this provides great support for understanding of the HTML and CSS concepts. I’ll take the opportunity to go through this again. -James Scott Course material and presentation are focused, well organized and appropriately targeted to the beginner. Presentation rate starts slow and is very thorough in establishing a consistent presentation of new material. Course progressively increases in presentation rate, detail and inter-connectivity of material. This course has clearly been designed and presented by someone who has mastered the ability to teach which is a rare and valuable skill. The course definitely delivers and the instructor is outstanding. Don Ricardo Starts at a basic introductory level and slowly works its way up to advanced HTML and CSS concepts using clear examples. The instructor speaks in a very understandable and straightforward tone. If you have no HTML experience or even if you already have basic HTML skills, this course will reinforce your HTML knowledge and give you an excellent tutorial on CSS. I recommend it highly. -Mario Chiara