HTML5 Specialist: Comprehensive HTML5 Training


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Finally you know…This is Where You Start Your Development CareerHTML5 is the scaffolding that lies beneath almost every contemporary application.There was a time when only web designers needed to know HTML5 well. However, it’s now a universal skill that every developer needs. Strong HTML5 provides a strong foundation for apps. It also allows you to correctly develop content that appears on web sites, in mobile apps and even digital signage.How do you learn to create strong HTML5 code that can be easily maintained?That’s what we’re here to talk about…FACT: HTML5 is the First Language You Need to Know(…and an important part of web and mobile developers’ daily work)We get the question all the time:I want to become a developer, but I don’t know where to start.We don’t have to sell you on the idea of becoming a developer. If you’re you here, you already know it’s one of the most lucrative (and fastest growing) career tracks out there. It’s HTML5 that allows you to get your foot in the door. HTML5 developers:Create the scaffolding for content display for web sites, mobile sites and many mobile applications.Mark up web content so it can be distributed across multiple platformsWork in large scale digital publishing to create flexible contentCombine HTML5 skills with other digital skill sets to become web and mobile developersIn other other words,HTML5 development skills are critical to all developers. HTML5 is the foundation to almost any development process.That’s why business, design studios, development shops and other organizations need HTML5 developers.But there’s a problem. Most people who learned HTML, learned it in school 12 years ago and have no idea that they’re doing.That’s how you separate yourself from the pack.As aCertified HTML5 Specialist, you are qualified to build, maintain and edit HTML5 documents. You’ll be able to help development teams build strong foundations, manage digital content or use HTML5 as a foundation for a strong developer skill set.In this certification program you will learn:How to create aproper HTML5 scaffoldingfor the type of application that youre creating. How should HTML5 differ for web and mobile applications?How tocorrectly markup textso that it is sized properly across the variety of screen sizes and densities used by consumersHow to properlyintegrate code written in CSS and PHPas external or internal code listings.How to select the most efficient tools and environments forHTML5 authoring and testing.Understand how toupload content to a web serverfor public consumption. Youll also cover how to set up a test server environment locally.How to createinternal and external linkswithin HTML5 documents.Creating Meta Tagsthat are properly designed for optimal display on Google and other search engines.Strategically useHTML5 commentsto document your code.A unique strategy to use HTML5 comments todebug code and quickly find errors.How tocreate list based contentusing ordered lists, unordered lists and custom list bullets for custom brandingHow todisplay imagesand how toproperly optimize imagesfor display on web and mobile devices.An infrequently used strategy toboost your Search Engine Optimization valueusing imagesHow tocreate beautiful information tablesthat are easy to both create and readHow touse the hexadecimal color systemand apply hexadecimal colors to elements in your HTML5How tocreate usable, functional formsto gather data from your usersHow to secure your forms toavoid security issues with your formsHow tointegrate multimedia elementssuch as audio, video and animations into your HTML5 content.A unique technique for laying out our page that willmake complex designs easy to markup and manageHow toembed iFrame contentfrom outside sources and make it fit seamlessly into your HTML5 pageA great strategy for correctlyconverting Photoshop documents to HTML5Thebest HTML5 frameworksto save you time and provide an entry point for new projectsIn summary, certified HTML5 specialists are experts who are able to correctly construct rich digital documents that can appear anywhere on the web, mobile or as part of a larger application. They are able to understand how HTML5 fits into the larger context of web and mobile development and work in serious development environments.