Anyone who has experience managing staff and/or working within a Human Resources department will know that the success of an organization is greatly impacted by the success of staff management. From recruitment to goal setting and topgrading, performance reviews to employee retention and conflict resolution to managing change, HR professionals and line managers keep the integral cogs turning. Recently, with the impact of a global recession, HR professionals have faced new challenges resulting from budget cuts, redundancies and mergers. But now the tides are turning once again, and with an increasingly positive economic shift, organizations are looking to the future by consolidating their HR effectiveness and efficiency. The new focus is staff retention and building a loyal workforce that will ensure an organizations future success. The Human Resources Excellency How To Get and Keep Your Winning Team program, covers all the essential elements to building and keeping the resources you want e.g. Recruitment, Topgrading, Performance Reviews and Target Setting, and Staff Retention.