Hyperloop – Working and Concept



This course is on working and concept of Hyperloop. It is based on the paper (open source), “Hyperloop Alpha”, authored by Elon Musk.Consider this course to be a video version of the paper “Hyperloop Alpha”.Why should you take this course?If you are fascinated by the basic concept of Hyperloop and desire to understand the working of it.If you have tried to understand the working of Hyperloop and are not satisfied, then this course is for you.Why should you NOT take this course?If you have read the “Hyperloop Alpha” research paperand have understood each and everything, then this course wouldn’t be a much of a value addition for you.Purpose of making this course?After making popular courses on Automobile, Airplanes and Submarines, some of the students requested for short course on Hyperloop. So, here it is.How much time I need to complete the course?30-45 minutes.Is there any refund?Yes. 30 day money back guarantee. No questions asked.Any pre-requisites?Basic awareness of science.Internet, System to watch videos, and pen/paper to take notes.Will I get certificate on completing the course.Yes. At end of completion a downloadablecertificate with your name will be provided.Anything else?Yes!To make this more interesting,I promise to reply to each and every genuine queries of the students, irrespective of the level of toughness of the query WITHIN 24 HOURS!I wish to have every student enrolled in the class andenjoythis journey with me.At the end of the course, you will have a strong understanding of how Hyperloop works, whether it is feasible technically and economically or not.______________________________________________Thanks to Elon Musk and his team for making the paper, “Hyperloop Alpha” open source. All content and material of the course is based on the same paper.