I Do Me 2 Online Marriage Communications Lessons for Couples



This Marriage Communications Mini eCourse is designed and delivered by the husband and wife duo, Dr. Aaron Jamal and Dr. Margaret Jamal, who have enjoyed their own happy and healthy marriage for over 30 years.  Together they founded I Do Me 2.  They share insightful perspectives, solutions, tools and strategies to strengthen relationships while reaffirming your attraction for each other.  Their unique delivery style will help couples to enjoy learning self-help relationship and communication techniques that are used in couples therapy and marriage counseling sessions.   Learn how to identify and work through common relationship problems such as broken trust.  These lessons are also effective for premarital counseling, relationship counseling and family counseling focusing on couples communications. Married couples along with those seeking to become married will benefit from the 5 lessons included in this course. The material included is perfect for “Date Night”  interaction as well as Premarital Counseling.  For seasoned marriages, this course invites the opportunity to recapture the fun end enjoyment of great conversation and companionship.  For newer couples, the exercises will help to build a stable foundation of love, trust, shared values and meaningful discussions.This Marriage Communications course is also for couples seeking to grow in their relationship and appreciation of each other.   Couples will learn important and intriguing lessons about each other in order to rekindle interest and strengthen their connection.  The Marriage Communications techniques included in this course help to uncover trust issues while offering tangible direction for addressing broken trust.There are 5 lessons in this course that include interactive exercises designed to stimulate intimate connection and relationship- building discussions.