I Know What You Did Last Time You Were Online ( )



[Course is up-to-date with January, 2016 information!]”I wouldn’t have thought there is so much information people can find about me online! I liked this course because it gave me actionable tips that I can start applying right away. I loved the “How to track down all the websites you signed up for” lecture, amazing tips here! I started applying what I have learned and I can already see the benefits. Big thanks!”Learn the concepts, principles and proven strategies that allow you to build and maintain a healthier online life. This course is a step-by-step guide that walks you through some of the most common online privacy and security threats and teaches you how to prevent them. Students get access to 24 lectures and 2 hours worth of content!Throughout this course you will learn step by step:How to prevent hacking attempts to you PCHow to set ultra secure passwords for your various accounts onlineHow to recognize and avoid fraud onlineHow to protect your information in case you lose your smartphone or it is stolenKey steps you need to implement to take your Facebook privacy to the next levelHow to check and manage what information third party applications share on your Facebook timeline on your behalfHow to be in control of your Linkedin privacyHow to become unsearchable on Google and other search engines. How to stop receiving junk email