I Will Teach What Billionaires Do First Thing in The Morning



In my many years as a broadcaster producing many hours of creative content and in almost as many years as a business performance coach I have discovered that the really successful folks are people who really know how to do the first three hours of the day so they can have a better day, get more pay, have a better year and a better life.In this short class and course for busy leaders and movers and shakers, i am going to teach you what I have learned. You will learn a variety of get up and get going options to help you become the kind of business leader who is leading the way in your career and in your business and industry.You will be on your way to being one of the select successful 3% who live their lives with purpose, power, poise, and a daily plan. How you start your day determine your destiny!I will be ready to assist you as your teacher and mentor in any way.Stan Hustad