I Will Teach You How to Be A Great Udemy Teacher-unofficial



This course is not sponsored by or affiliated with Udemy, Inc.I am sorry to tell you this but most online courses are too long, and too detailed, and too boring. The facts are that only 25% of people who start an online class finish it. I know that because i have taken boring courses online and when i first began I made many of the same “boring” mistakes that you are most likely making. Then i rememberedthat before i was an onlineteacher Iwas and still am a radio and TVbroadcaster You might be able to be a boring instructor or teacher but if you are a boring broadcaster you are soon out of work and our of business.So in this class i begin to teach you how to be on the radio and TV and to turn your course into a broadcasting show that hopefully will attract hundreds of thousands of viewers and students. That can happen you know.You will learn the power off the “click and switch” machine.You will learn that you are even more important than your content and that you must build a personal brand.You must know the open secret of the AIDDA formula to make a better class and show.experience.If you can’t tell stories, you better learn or you are out of business both as a teacher and as a broadcaster.You will be challenged to change your life and the lives of others for the better.I look forward to you joining me and becoming part of the show!Stan Hustad