I Will Teach You The Beatles Built a Band, Brand & Business



Branding, Booming & Building a Business by The Beatles is what Icall this What it Takesteaching experience. The Beatles were a legendary rock group that went from more than modest beginnings to world-wide fameand great wealth. if you want to learn how to become a famous rock group their story and success can be useful. But here is something else. By looking at the Beatles and their work, and by listening to other teachers I can show you that there are some powerful lessons and ideas that can help you build your career or your small business. Indeed you can learn how to do better business by The Beatles. Here are some of the lessons and and actions you will learn about in this short course for smart busy business leaders.Overnight success takes a long time, learn from it and press on.Success comes to those who create powerful and memorable “statements.”You must have your own “5th Beatle” – a sponsor and/ or agent.Pay attention a lot to the little things that mean a lot.Do lots of content … and whatever business you are in you must today, “Step into the Studio!”You will even be given the opportunity to make your own contribution to this show course!. You will learn that all business is show business. You will also have a lot of fun and be able to fascinate your friends and colleagues by teaching this good stuff to others.StanHustad