I Will Teach You to Be a Great Voice-Over Performer Artist



Yes, in this media world of audio and video, radio and television, there are great opportunities for those who with a nicesmile and theskills to help organizations get their message into the marketplace as a voice-over performance artist. I will teach you how to get started, and make the journey to possibly your first professional gig. This is not how to do everything but to learn and get started I take my many years of experience as a teacher, speaker, international broadcaster, business performance coach, and as a world-wide voice-over artist for companies all over the world.I will teach you how to think, practice, and perform in expert ways so that you can begin to be avoice-over performance artist. This, as is true of all my courses is for grown-ups. You have to commit to not just taking the course and learning,but you have tocommit to practice, practice, learn, and practice some more. But you will learn how with practically no cost and expense how to become a voice-over performer. Indeed, let’s do it!Stan Hustad