I Will Teach You To Do a Powerful Live TV/Video Resume



Dead Tree Marketing is Dead! Do you know what that means? Well you better if you want to be successful in your life, your career, and business. And your Dead Tree Resume is also dead and if you want to be different, engaging, unique, and attractive in putting your best performance on your online platform, you must learn how to do a video resume.I will teach you why and how to do a video resume. Iwill teach you how to start, what to say, and the things you need to do and avoid in doing a video resume. I will coach you so you can do your first one, and then go and get better from there. Iwill challenge you to now only have a video resume, but a whole portfolio of videos, shows, and presentations that attract job and gig and customer opportunities. All this in aone hour show and the offer to coach you independently from time to time. I look forward to your shedding your dead tree stuff and becoming fully alive.Your teacher,Stan Hustad