This is the reference manual used by IDREO Explorer Instructors. Completing this Online course you will get educated in what it takes to be an IDREO Explorer Instructor. The course is not only for Instructor candidates that wishing to know what it takes to become an IDREO Explorer Instructor and what is needed to be learn in order to be able to teach IDREO Training program. But also is highly recommended to very experience Instructors looking at perfection their teaching skills, understand better the IDREO Teaching Method, IDREO Instructor Playbooks as well as have access to the latest updates to the IDREO Training Materials in all diving topics and with student support files also in several languages available: English, Korean, German, Spanish, Nederlands and French. This is the one stop for all the materials use by IDREO Explorer Instructors and quite practical to be use as reference and Instructor Manual, right on your desktop, tablet or mobile phone.