Does IELTSwriting worry you? Let’s eliminate that fear, together. Welcome to the Sweed Academy IELTSEssay Writing Masterclass! I’m Jesse, and I’m going to help you get your desired band for the IELTS Writing Exam.First thing is first. This is strictly an essay-writing strategy course. I am going to systematically take you through 10 items that IELTSevaluators have said you must include in your essay. We are going to go through that list step-by-step, and work together from beginning to end to prepare you for when you have to sit your exam. We’re going to start before the writing begins with the brainstorming. Any successful writer starts with good brainstorming. This is a KEY element that many test-takers overlook. And then, we’re going to finish at the last sentence of your essay.THISISNOTATEMPLATE. We do not believe in providing a template to copy and paste on exam day. This is a deep, structured guide to help you organize your thoughts and write them in a coherent way on your IELTSexam.In this course, you get:- over 2 hours of video lectures- interactive tasks to complete- an invitation to join our Facebook group for extra support- an in-depth look at real IELTSexams- professional tips and advice- much more!Thank you for looking at this course page, and let Jesse know if we can help you with your decision.