Consultants, would-be consultants, and contractors, Have you ever been asked by a client “What is SAP Best Practice in this situation?” or “What is the industry best solution to this problem?” and felt stuck for an answer? How about when you are asked to deliver “value” or “productivity gains” when implementing SAP? What do you tell your client? If you have ever found yourself unable to quickly answer such open-ended questions, then read on! The secret is out! it is quite simple to understand and implement SAP Best Practices. It does, however, take training to be able to implement “SAP Best Practices” for an industry or business model so that you can deliver the value or productivity gains expected by the company. SAP is now a mature product, companies are nowadays looking for people that can deliver productivity advantages. Businesses are no longer looking for you to implement a vanilla SAP solution. If you are an SAP user or SAP consultant, you owe it to yourself to learn the techniques used by top consultancies when they design the right solutions for tomorrow’s business. This course will teach you: What are SAP Best Practices and how to implement them in your business modelFind which SAP Best Practice relate to your business processUnderstand the concept ofanIndustrial Best PracticeUnderstand the concept andmethodology top SAPmanagements consultants use toidentify and implement SAP solutions for productivity gainsThe SAP tools that can be used to deliver productivity gains in your casesNew S/4 HANAtools that can be leveraged for finding “value” Note: This is not an SAP course that just shows you screenshots or system demos, I will teach you the methodology and tools to effectively implement the best solution using SAP. Because you need to be able to quickly and fluently understand how to identify SAP best practice in any given situation and you understand that this is important to your future success in SAP consulting you should start learning the secrets that Abdul, a long time SAP consultant, is sharing. Click below to start becoming a more capable and professional SAP consultant right now.