Importing from China – How to manage your first China trip



This course focuses on developing your business in China. If you are serious about your import business you will visit China or other countries you are sourcing from sooner or later. Factory visits are a crucial next steps once you have found reliable suppliers and grown your business relationships with them.In this guide to Business in China” you learn when it makes sense to think about visiting factories, the benefits of sourcing at trade shows and how you can do all this even on a tight budget.Learn from my experience of 17 years doing business with China and visiting the factories on a weekly basis. What you need to look out for and how you can improve your prices and skills when dealing with suppliers. Here’s an overview of what you can expect: Take your import to the next level, GO TO CHINAFirst timers guide to China and what this Part is aboutDo’s & don’t in ChinaWhy go to China?Start your preparationCompetitor researchWhen is it even worth it?How to source for suppliers (in unusual ways / beyond Alibaba)Travel chapter (Visa, Hotels, Language etc.)Business in ChinaAt the Exhibition & how to prepareAt the factoryAfter the tripSummary & 10 ways to save you money