Improve Your Investing & Trading Results – Myths to Avoid!



Are you:An investor who wants to avoid the pitfalls of investing?An investor who desires to make more discerning and strategic decisions in your investments? Are you seeking reasons as to why you are not maximising your profits, or realising you are hitting roadblocks in your investments?An investor who wants to learn new insights and strategies to add to your investing skills toolbox?Then you will benefit from this short beginners course.In this course, I will show you 6 of the most deceptive and misleading myths in investing. Many investors fall into the pitfall of these 6 myths, because they truly sound seemingly correct! In todays investing arena, these myths are all too common. In this succinct but powerful course, I will explain 6 myths of investing, and why they are unsuccessful investing strategies in the long run. Using examples, I will demonstrate why these misleading and shallow mindsets may seem right initially, but why they may NOT maximise your money and potentially cost you thousands of dollars in the long run! This course will stop incorrect mindsets in their tracks, and equip you with the correct foundation and knowledge when investing. In less than an hour, you will learn valuable mindsets that experienced investors have taken years to learn, in order for you to establish more effective, discerning and wise strategies when investing. Investing is never straightforward, but this course will set you on the right path for having the correct foundation, in order to make more successful investment decisions.Curriculum OutlineMyth 1 – It doesnt matter when I buy or sell, as long as I hold my investment for a long timeWe teach: Why timing is actually MORE important than how LONG and investment is held.Myth 2 – All diversification is good, as long as I am diversifying my stocks.We teach: Why diversification for the sake of diversifying is wrong. The right way to diversify.Myth 3 – Investing in Blue-Chip is risk free and always the safest option.We teach: Why investing in blue chip is not always risk free, and why you cant just assume your blue-chip investments will always be fine.Myth 4 – As long as I keep taking profit from trades, I wont go broke. In fact, this is a great strategy to prevent going broke.We teach: This is a subtle reason why many investors do not maximize the profit in their portfolio. Those who keep taking small profits also tend to hold onto the losing position longer than they should.Myth 5 – As a long as a stock is cheap, its a worthy investment.We teach: Not all cheap stocks are a valuable investment that are worth your money.Myth 6 – Trading is gambling.We teach: Without research, trading is gambling, but with proper research, investing has been proven to beone of the best wealth generatingendeavors.