Do you want to become more fit, more flexible and more relaxed? This complete 10-week Tai Chi for beginners course taught by Rami Rones will teach you in a simple, step-by-step proven method an important Tai Chi form.  You will go much deeper than just learning the Tai Chi form.  You will learn various stretches and movements to become more flexible and stronger.  In addition, you will learn the power of deep breathing and meditation and will become more relaxed, lowering any stress you may have.Rami has synthesized over 30 years of Tai Chi and mind-body teaching and practice to create this Tai Chi for Beginners course. You will experience the same teaching he has done with the thousands of elite athletes, adults, teenagers, weekend warriors, martial artists and others to become more successful and confident.He has designed a number of medical clinical trials such as the investigation of the benefits of Tai Chi and Fibromyalgia, Tai Chi and Knee Osteoarthritis.  Much of his research design is also included in this course.  His Fibromyalgia and Tai Chi study was published in the New England Journal of Medicine and featured in the New York Times.You will also benefit from his extensive teaching at the internationally recognized Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Tufts Medical Center and the Boston Medical Center where he continues to help patients deal with, and recover from, a wide variety of ailments and and the side effects that often occur with various treatments. Ramis incredible knowledge, teaching ability and engaging personality makes this Tai Chi for Beginners course a joy for anyone interested in improving their physical and mental well-being. By investing 10-20 minutes a day over a 10 week period, you will learn Tai Chi, its basic concepts and you will become stronger, more flexible and much more relaxed.