Improve Your Reading Skills 2



Continue to improve your reading skills with the next course in Improve Your Reading: Phonics and Poetry Part 2. Phonics is the study of the relationship of letters or letter patterns and their sounds. By learning the sounds of the different patterns, you can more easily pronounce words correctly.In this course you will learn about vowel combinations, such as -ea, -ou, -oo, and -ow. The course covers digraphs and dipthongs. Digraphs are vowel combinations in which two vowels make one sound, and dipthongs, which are vowel combinations in which you hear both of the vowels in the syllable. The lessons beginwith simple words, and moveon to more complex words.You will also learn about homophones, which are words that have the same sound, but are spelled differently and have different meanings.In each lesson, you will learn words with the target vowel sound. Then you will hear sentences using words with the vowelsounds for that lesson. The lesson ends with a poem, andwords with the target vowel sound are highlighted. You can listen to the poems, and read as you follow along. This is great practice, and will help you improve your reading skills.