Improve Your Voiceovers in MINUTES!



MARCH 2015 UPDATE:ADDED 2 QUIZZES, LECTURE NOTES, AND 2 NEW LECTURES!Never worry about poor audio again! Learn how to cut mistakes and remove background noise from your voiceovers or audio recordings using a 100% free software called Audacity!Audacity is a powerful program. But, if you're just recording a voiceover, you don't need to learn a lot of the technical mumbo jumbo. In this course, we'll go over just the essentials that you'll need to create clear audio."BUT I DON'T HAVE A MICROPHONE/RECORDING DEVICE YET"Not a problem! I've included a sample project called "Maximus The Cat" that you can follow along with as I clean and enhance it right in front of you! "BUT I'M NOT GOOD WITH COMPUTERS"That's fine, too! Like I said, we'll go over just what you need to know. We also go over some troubleshooting tips for Windows users! I explain all of the terminology that you might need to know as they come up, so that you never feel overwhelmed!You could have recorded your voiceover through your phone, a headset, or from your webcam. The process will work for all of them. Our feline friend is waiting, so let's get started!