Improve your WEST freestyle technique- from 200 m to 1000 m



This is a step 2 course (after you done the lower back swimming course or learn how to swim course) which means you need to know the basics of WEST swimming technique and swim 200 .In this course we are going to continue elongating your muscles, building your long WEST core muscles and learning how to swim 1000 m freestyle.You will learn about yourself, about controlling your swimming pace, increasing your pace, and most importantly, swimming and protecting your lower back.This course is going to take you 5-15 weeks, you have 5 different workouts which you should repeat 3 times for every workout( unless we tell you to repeat it more) each workout has 1-15 amazing WEST videos so you can remember and understand everything.The course is so amazing!! all you need to do is swim according to your instructions and you will succeed, even if you do only 70% of it.WEST swimming technique treats and heals 10 thousands of people(all around the world) each year from lower back and neck pain.We believe that if you loosen your lower back in swimming , you will swim much faster with no effort.