In Love In English: Phrasal Verbs for Dating



What you will learn…Over 50 phrasal verbs all relating to love, romance and datingHow to pronounce the phrasal verbs correctlyThe meanings of all the phrasal verbsSample sentences using the phrasal verbs______________________________________________________________________________________________________Why our course is different from all the others out there…We include more phrasal verbs than you will find in a general google search.We include a deeper explanation and more examples for each phrasal verb.We include opportunities for you to listen and repeat so that you can sound more natural when you use these phrasal verbs.We organized the phrasal verbs by kinds of situations so that you can easily know when and how to use them and can easily find the best phrasal verbs to use in all of your love situations. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________We can’t wait to see you in the course and we are excited for you to improve your vocabulary in love, especially phrasal verbs!