This program will help you to understand how people organize their thinking, language and behavior and how to overcome objections in different life and business situations.Whether you want to sell something, to get commitment from others or to convince your sponsor to provide the resources you need, this program will give you tools and processes that will support the boost of your influencing skills in order to get impact you want.What will you learn?You will learn how to quickly overcome objections and understand, predict and influence others’ behavior. This course covers how you can recognize and tap into people’s motivations, and build a strong rapport with them so that it’s as if you are both on the same wavelength instead of it feeling like an uphill struggle to get people to listen and cooperate. The focus of the program is on the application of the techniques in a business environment.Key areas covered:NLP Communication ModelBuilding and maintaining rapportImportance of sensory based descriptions and downsides of interpretationsLeading towards desired result of communicationOvercoming objections