In this course you will learn to secure a network, weather it's Enterprise or SOHO.The course in based on over my 20 years hands on experience in IT, as a security analyst and network engineer. Learn the 12 most important steps in securing you network, making sure you cover all the basics, but not wasting time on activities that contribute little.Step 1- Write a Security PolicyStep 2 – Educate End Users & IT StaffStep 3 – Implement Physical SecurityStep 4 – Implement Perimeter Security Step 5 – Use Good Password Management Step 6 – Eliminate Unnecessary Services Step 7 – Implement Good Patch ManagementStep 8 – Implement AntiVirus Measures Step 9 – Implement Access ControlStep 10 – Secure Data in Transit Step 11 – IDS & IPS Step 12 – Backup Your DataFollowing a lecture on each of the steps, I provide 10 Live Demos to reinforce the lectures