This course is designed to help you tap into your Inner Child and discover its needs. Find out if there are things that need to be healed or if your Inner World is calling for a passion you have suppressed or left behind in your childhood. Your Inner Child can help you balance out your life and bring more fun into your world. It can help you thrive (child) instead of simply survive (adulting). There is the potential to gain insights into what you need to do more or less of, there may be insights of what needs healing and what you need to do to begin that healing. There is a lot to be gained from beginning a relationship with your Inner Child even if all it turns out to be is just giving yourself some time to colour and draw. Doing this journey is a form of self-care, self-connection and self-nurturing.You will be taken on a visual journey to find and meet your Inner Child and shown how to communicate with it. You will develop a book specifically to do this work in, a sacred container that will hold all the wisdom and insights that want to come through.There is 1 hour and 58 minutes worth of video content at your disposal and 7 pdf files you can download to help you get the most out of this course. Of course I can also be contacted if you have any questions or need extra guidance.WHAT YOU WILL NEEDAt the very least you will need to have some paper and an art medium such as coloured pencils, texta’s, crayons or some kind of medium to draw with. You do not need to go crazy with supplies, just work with what you have available or what you can afford to buy. It is also handy if you can print out the templates if you aren’t confident drawing yourself and to have a notepad and envelopes to put your correspondence in. Anything else like the supplies to decorate your sacred vessel are completely optional and you will get just as much out of this course with or without decorating a cover for your sacred vessel. Most importantly, you’ll need an open mind to the process. You will get as much out of this as you are willing to put in, it is up to YOU. All I can do is provide the information, it’s up to you to do the work.With deep blessings, Samm