We all know that the cost of advertising on Google and Facebook has gone up. Those markets are very crowded and saturated. But there is a new opportunity and a new platform to run Ads on. It’s the..Instagram AdsYou can run Ads on Instagram feed and also on Instagram stories (IGTV coming soon as well)As business owners we need to drive traffic with minimum cost. Right? That’s how we create sustainable and profitable business. This course will teach you all the INs and OUTs when it comes to advertising on Instagram.You will learn how to create amazing copy and graphics.Here are some of the key topics covered insideHow to create Instagram Ads from desktop & mobile What Ad objectives to choose based on your goalsHow to drive conversions and measure ROIHow to write compelling copy for your Instagram AdsHow to create an eye catching image for AdsA/B Testing Ads and some advance hacks to grow your business on InstagramBTW if you are a freelance marketer or an agency owner, you can sell this as a service.Many business owners are looking for help to run their Ads.They have the budget but not someone knowledgeable to create and manage Ads.Excited?Let’s crush Instagram Ads together.ENROLLNOW and we will see you on the inside!