Why pray for likes, when you can easily triple your engagement? Why celebrate every follower, when you can wake up to 100 new ones? Why scam people into following you, when you can build a profitable brand your ideal customerswantto follow?Theres something about 90% of the courses on the market that you should know.They suck.Be more eloquent, you say? Alright:they dont live up to what they promise.How do I know? I spent half a year extensively researching everything on the market and I had a breakthrough.See, the already existing courses that teach you how to use Instagram for business can be divided into 3 categoriesThe 1-hour course that teaches you not to use hashtags because it makes you seem desperate. Plus, Beyonce doesnt use hashtags – why should you? Price: $30-$100.The course that teaches you how to grow your account by gathering thousands of unsuspecting people who have no idea you clicked the unfollow” button as soon as they followed you. Price: $100-$300.Theonly course on the market that can answer most of your questions, even the one you just made up. Usually insanely long with tons of unnecessary details. Price: Heart attack.Worrying, isn’t it?See, Im a reasonable girl.After seeing all of this, I couldnt add my course to the flaming pile ofshiitake mushrooms out there. So I didn’t!Its about time you learned how to cast a net to caption the ocean of traffic going through Instagram on a daily basis. Here’s what I have for you:10 modules. 3 hours of pure value. Lifetime access. I’m all for transparency: what you see is what you get.Here’s the best part!Buying my course gives you the opportunity to apply at a discounted priceto my Badass Branding Mastermind community on Facebook (regularpricing is $30-$100/month). This is an exclusive community for people who want to build a strong and profitable personal brand and achieve business success by growing together with like-minded entrepreneurs..Here’s What You GetMembers-Only ContentYou’ll get access to a membership site with expert programs and trainings on topics such as: writing and publishing your first book, your ideal client avatar, starting a business with a full-time job and more.Weekly MastermindsEvery weekyou can hop on a LIVE hangout with me and others from the community where you can ask help for anything you’re struggling with. Because brainstorming and strategizing with others produces the best results!Unlimited Access to my ProgramsBy being an exclusive member of the Badass Branding Academy, you’ll get unlimited access to allof my future courses and programs (worth $400 or less) FOR FREE, regardless of the topic.Accountability PartnersYour accountability partner will be your secret weapon for reaching your goals faster. You’ll hold each other to your commitments, make sure you’re moving forward, and, of course: be brutally honest with each other.You Don’t Have to Join.But let me ask you this: do you HATE free stuff? Do you NOT want to create a brand that people care about and that makes you money?Take this opportunity and become one of my beta members before I double – and then triple the price.After 2 months, if you dont want to stay: you can cancel your membership, no questions asked.Convinced yet? Let me teach you how to build a mesmerizing Instagram account where you feel comfortable marketing and selling your products and services to your loyal tribe!