Instagram Photography – How to create a professional feed!



A full guide on how to take and edit photos for Instagram and how to create a niched account around something you are passionate about!In this course we first start out by creating a solid foundation to build off of as you continue to grow and expand your account.We evaluate what type of photos you like to take and show you how to keep doing this to create a professionallooking feed that helps grow your page,business,and to help you start to develop a personal brand!I go over how traditional photography is very differentfrom Instagram photography and the differentrules you need to know to be successful on the platform!Anyone can take this course evenif you are aprofessionalphotographer or if you have never taken a photo. I do talk about Lightroom a lot in this course and highly recommendyou invest in it but I also give other free alternativesif you cannot invest in it yet!If you are still unsure of this course and want morereassurance,check out my page on Instagram to see what a good page looks like -@gosammyjo