Instagram Strategies For Small Businesses



Welcome to this 12 Instagram Strategy course, where we will be covering the basics as well as 12 tangible strategies that you can implement for your own Instagram account.In the basics section, I am going to be covering a few essentials, which I believe are fundamental to Instagram growth.Then we are going to head into the strategy section.These are the exact strategies that I personally use to grow both personal and business Instagram accounts to over 10k in following.I understand, that when you are trying to grow your Instagram, you do not have a lot of time to spend on it. Perhaps you are building a business, or maybe you are growing a personal account and have a 9-5.So with that in mind, I have made this course doable in just over 30 minutes, plus the extra time that you choose to spend on the resources that I have provided.I have included a daily, weekly and monthly checklist to help you stay on track with everything that you learn.In addition to this, I have included a workbook which will help you implement the strategies for your own account.And finally, a resources list of all my favourite apps that I use to raise my Instagram game and grow my account.So are you ready? Then lets begin!