UPDATE 27.04.18: added Chapter 8 – Awareness & Inner neutral space in sport & movement______________________________________Do you want to get the most out of yourself and your life ? Yes ? Then invest in the ability to create your “Inner Neutral Space”, where all thoughts are coming from ! Learning this BASIC SKILL will bring you an improvement in ALL areas of life :-)______________________________________A clear mind is actually something we only know from movies, from hearing and say or through a lengthy, special education (special units): The samurai standing equanimously and yet focused on the battlefield, an extreme sportsman who knows, it’s all about life and death in the next moments, or Soldiers of a special unit, who have been trained to keep their minds clear to come safe home again.Achieving this requires long and persistent training on the traditional routes. But with this method, it is also possible for you to achieve this legendary state in a much shorter time directly – and from then on, easy to apply in your own personal everyday life.Because this ability should not only belong to a few, but positively improve the lives of all people____________________________________ So you’re just better with a clear mind:- no matter what, if your mind can linger in here and now, your world will become fuller- you are more creative, more spontaneous and smarter- you will find more real solutions than just repeating the old ones again and again- you can listen better what people have to say- you can work faster and at the same time deep relaxed in the inside- you fall asleep like a baby (without TV, wine or sleeping pills)- you can feel your life more intensive – specially the tiny litte things- you understand, improve and motivate yourself much better then before, because you understand the inner structure of you mind- at the same time you will be happier and happy without having done anything for it (thats cool:)- also you can celebrate your little and big victories better/deeper- you can use your failures as a springboard for your next project- you can see you wife/husband after many, many years like the first time again (from the heart;)And much, much more …______________________________________How did this course come about ? When I was young (12 years old) and had little duties, I did not need the calming effect of meditation. Nevertheless, I was interested in it and made my first experiences.Incidentally, meditation is itself for a while less or not at all to deal with the thought carousel and to identify with what is going on in the head. It increases the distance and slows down the speed of the thought cycle. This has a wonderful effect: more clarity, more effective thinking, more creativity, more intuition, more calm and serenity, more power in the deeds and above all much, much less negative stress.This stress is exhausting, it burns out if it lasts too long. Mentally, emotionally and physically:If the mind is overloaded, the speed of the hamster wheel increases – you feel driven and the joy of life is lost.On the emotions, long-lasting stress is detrimental to motivation and creativity, we become more aggressive and prone to extreme emotions, including depression.Physically, for example, the blood pressure rises, the digestion is not working properly, sleep is not deep enough and sleep difficulties are part of everyday life.All in all, an overdose of stress, resulting from a quick thought carousel for the entire life is very bad.But back to the beginning:Without obligations, as a child, there was enough time for meditation. But since I had no real obligations, appointments and no work, there was no stress, or very little compared to adult life. So I definitely did not need meditation. And the blazing and great moment of the exit from the hamster wheel was not felt so strongly, because it did not turn so fast.But the older I got, the more tasks and appointments came into my life. The pressure rose – but the extra time for rest and meditation has been replaced by computer games, TV and relaxation by soothing drugs.The more so added:educationfurther educationmoney worriespartyRelationshipslater children and wifethe more the stress became “normal” for me. As stupid as it sounds, I simply had no time for the natural peace of meditation and was so caught up in the hamster wheel that I almost could not find the way out. At some point, however, this occurred to me and on the basis of my experiences I developed a meditation method that does not require any prerequisites and that fits into everyday life – so it does not generate any extra stress.I called it Instant Access Meditation. It is practically always and everywhere handy – everywhere !!!!- whether in the car on the way to work- when the baby is crying and does not want to sleep- before the sport or a pure meeting to focus clearly on the task- when my head is tight and I need new ideas- if I just want to switch off with my wife, without constantly thinking of something else- if I want to play freely with my childrenAnd as I realized that while traditional meditations are always worth their while, a method that works like a universal key and fits in with our Western life is more helpful … and besides, it gives security and is a very cool thing :-)- it needs no previous knowledge- no extra time- no special posture is necessary- There is no exercise time- ALWAYS she is a tool- the positive effect lasts longer and longer over time- It has a calming and clarifying effect right where it is loud: in the headAnd by the way: instead of feeling thoughts as annoying, it uses exactly the thinking to calm the mind – awesome, right?I love it – and I hope you will also :-)______________________________________IMPORTANT:By purchasing this course, you will receive a lifetime answer guarantee for any questions you may have about implementing the course content -after working through this course.Subsequent individual coaching (via Skype) is not includedand can be booked extra.______________________________________About this course:There are over 30 years of meditation experience, many different ways Ive gone and at least many hours of work on this course. And now you can take the shortcut directly to THE ESSENCE of all techings over the centuries and integrate it into your life. By essence, I mean what is usually found on traditional ways normally after many years of intensive work:Inner neutral Space – the ground of creation.______________________________________What are the effects of too little neutral inner space and too much identification with the automatically thinking in life ?Here are some examples:mentally:difficulty in concentrating, nervousness, difficulty falling asleep, lethality, dissatisfaction, to gossip, negative thoughts, mainly linear thinking, black and white thinking, egoism, difficulties with criticism, lack of empathy and intuitionemotional: worried about (unnecessary) worries, fear of future situations (test anxiety, anxiety to address a person, etc.), stuck sadness, difficulties to admit feelings, satisfaction by consume things (new, new, new – best, best, best ;), Self-pity, sex without love, self-hatred etc.physically:any muscular tension pain, caused by a lack of awareness of anunnatural body position (eg), already chronic joint problems, too much food intake, too little food intake, negative self-image (“I do not likemy body” – without initiating constructive steps), exaggerated emotionality, (negative) change of nature in case of lack of nutrition and lack of sleep (pay attention to the little monster in you;) etc. ______________________________________Now lets take a look from the other side:- You have enough of being stressed out ?- You know already relaxation exercises – but it would be great to know a tool- Your mind is chattering when you lying in bed ?- You want to improve your intuition ?- You always want to be one step ahead of upcoming events (private and professional) ?- You want to unite with the real wealth (not only money, money, money) ?- You want a tool with which you can really move something in your life, from within, to the good ? And change you as you always wanted to be (in good) ?- You are interested in getting the (in former times secret) knowledgewith which you no longer have to work on the facade of your life, butcan now DIRECTLY approach the origin of all habits and events ? And change them – like you want- You have enough of bad habits and energy eaters in your life? Why do you always have the same (unwanted) things and situations- You have the feeling that you are missing something, although you have everything to be content and happy (money, job, relationships, etc.)- You are not. Something in your life is unfulfilled, and does not care how well you should “actually” do. The hole inside will not fill up.- You want to reconcile with the past? Complete with it (in a good way) ?- You want to feel the life more intense and not just have shortbeautiful experiences, but get the feeling: in the middle of life,better: to be the existence itself ?- You do not want to stand in the way of your own success. You would like to exchange your bad habits for good, but always fall back ?- You want to find out the secret of lasting and strong self-motivation ?- You want to know why the world is the way it is ?- You want finally the present moment (with yourself, wife, husband, children, sun/moon/stars) without distracting thoughts and a chattering mind perceive?___________________________________In this course you will get to know the world from the other side: from inside. Essentially, outer life is just a mirror that reflects your inner world of thoughts and emotions that you believe personally. Instead of moving big levers in the outer world to bring about change, if you know how to do it, you can also work inside, very finely. With this method you get the appropriate tool.In this course, I will help you get behind the facade of your life and at the same time make you fit to successfully apply this (inner) tool to your life.Whether you just want to relieve stress, or rediscover your inner center, or if you want to expand your talents and get into your real power and completely unleash yourself – knowing the space inside you will help you do that.______________________________________Here are some contents and topics that are explained and developed in this basic course “Instant Access Meditation”:- active and passive thoughts- how can you be a leader of yourself and (only) then also for others ?- the connection between emotions and thoughts- the silence between the thoughts- the possibilities of the space of silence in you- the secret of time (in everyday life)- What is the past and what is the future really ?- how does true change happen in your life ?- What motivation really is and how you can be selfmotivated for ever all day long ?etc.______________________________________ The really (really) great thing is:actively created neutral space in you is the universal key to all (western) problems created by an overactive (and automatic) mind.Active neutral space in you has a balancing and harmonizing effect on all areas of life (mentally, emotionally, physically) that have become unbalanced – and this without any effort._____________________________________For this, only a certain (positive) “effort” is needed to deal with this fact and to do the practical exercises (for a short period of time).Since neutral inner space has always been present in your life, and has been displaced only by too much thinking, you do not need to reinvent the wheel, just reactivate the neutral space willingly.______________________________________I am looking forward to accompanying you on this path 🙂 Best regards …Michael Bastinac