Instant Pot Master Course: become an amazing cook



Welcome to an exciting new way of cooking that will transform you and your family into leading a healthful, tasty and an environmentally conscious lifestyle.I’m Jyoti Sawant, Cookbook author and Culinary Instructor, creator of best-selling cooking courses. Id like to present this unique Instant Pot Master Course, the first of its kind on becoming an expert in cooking with the Instant Pot. Instant Pot, the most popular bestselling electric pressure cooker, is buzzing on social media. It is no surprise that Instant Pot cookbooks are flooding the market. But even the worlds best cookbook is not enough to explore the fullest potential of this beautiful and versatile gadget. So here is a course that will unleash the secrets to mastering your Instant Pot by showing you the nuances of how it works.Your Instant Pot is still in the box? overwhelmed with all the buttons that you see? worried about the safety of pressure cooking? wondering if it was worth your investment? In this course I will show you in a fun and visual way, how to use every function and program, making you a master of this fine cooking instrument.You will learn everything about your gadget from start to finish. I will step you through from cooking something as simple as boiling eggs to complex desserts such as cheesecake. And all this by just using pre-programmed functions on the Instant pot. Completing this course, in just a few hours, will leave you feeling confident about using your Instant pot daily and excited about having fun in the kitchen again. Wondering just what to do with all the hours you get back in your busy schedule? Join a community of millions of enthusiastic Instant Pot owners and start sharing your love with them.This course is just the beginning. My other Instant Pot courses are coming soon, to take you deep into the wonderful world of Instant Pot recipes.Buy this course now and lets get started!Note – this course does not imply any affiliation or endorsement by the makers of the Instant Pot electric pressure cookers. The InstantPot brand is owned by Instant Brands Inc.