This practical 7-Step system teaches you howto use contemplation and daydreaming to receive insight and guidance from the super-intelligence dwelling within youthe subconscious mind. Daydreaming is one way the subconscious mind communicates. Using these innovative methods, you can resolve personal or professional concerns and accelerate your growth and development. You will learn how toenteryour safe place; relax, enter an altered state; and use contemplation and daydreaming to: Makeuseful changes in your personal, business, spirituallife.Improve physical, emotionalhealth.Enhance communication skills, relationships, sexual intimacy.Unlock artisticcreativity.Envision valuable new products, services.Increase musical or sports performance.Once you complete this 7-Steptraining, youll possess valuable skills you can use for a lifetime. You can even explore altered states to cultivate psychic and spiritualabilities.If any of this is appealing, Intentional Daydreaming might be just what youre looking for. Business leaders, musicians, sports enthusiasts, writers,and others use daydreaming as part of their creative process. You can too! Use this course to: Explore 31+ ways to acceleratepersonal, professional, spiritual growth.Communicate with your subconscious mind using contemplation and daydreaming.Locate your Safe Place.Countdown to relax.Improve business practices.Accelerate skill developmentspeaking, writing, music.Mentally test-drivecareer optionsprepare for meetings, interviews, important conversations.Enhance sexual, erotic experiences.Develop psychic, mystical skills.Enter a powerful altered state, practice self-suggestion.Conduct paranormal, transpersonal,and thought experiments.Contemplate philosophical,religious, scientific, spiritual,metaphysical concepts.And more! Target Audience Foradults who want to accelerate personal and professional success, this course contains 2.5 hours of content. No other materials are needed.PDF section summaries and important practices are included for easy review.30-Day Money-BackGuarantee.