A strong internal control system is one of the best mitigation strategies for managing operational and financial risks.This course aims to provide you all necessary knowledge to create and maintain effective control environment. We will also cover how to efficiently review internal controls and identify opportunities for their improvements. Manage Risks of Your Organization with Effective Internal ControlsLearn Internal Control Definition, Types, and ObjectivesUnderstand Internal Control Components and Principals Implement Efficient Internal Control Monitoring Recognize and Remediate Control Deficiencies Improve Your Control Environment. Become Internal Control Compliance SpecialistInternal control concept exists from ancient times, but United States was the first country to introduce professional guidance on topic. Internal control started to become significant to auditors in the United States early in the twentieth century.More recently topic of controls started to evolve to cover other areas than finance like information technology (COBIT), project management or quality management(ISO 9000). Additionally, importance of internal controls systems in organizations increased significantly with dedicated regulations as Sarbanes Oxley Act (SOX) or Foreign Corrupt Practice Act (FCPA) setting legal requirements for minimum coverage of internal controls. We will learn about finance and IT controls as well as frameworks and legal regulations. Content and Overview In over 6 hours of video including 27 lectures we will cover all you need to know to become comfortable working with and designing internal controls. Each of three sections contains article summarizing most important concepts from all lectures and short quiz where you can test your newknowledge. Additionally, some of the lectures contain Action Points that help you practice your new skills directly for your organization needs. First you will learn all the necessary information like definitions, types, components as well as who has what responsibilities in area of internal controls. With basics covered course will teach youall necessary steps to implement controls and prepare sufficient documentation to satisfy requirements of various frameworks and legal regulations. Finally, you will learn how to monitor and review internal controls including usage of automationand how to handle deficiencies identified in those processes.Upon completion, you should be able to not only perform controls and implement control activities like a compliance specialist, but also work efficiently and effectively with any auditors or external reviewers of your controls.