This is the first in several courses that I will be teaching in Industrial maintenance, this is a huge subject I am going to cover the basics to give you what you need to get an entry level Postion. These are high paying jobs that often don’t require a degree.I am a retired Maintenance Manager with over thirty years experiance in Industrial maintenance.I have designed complete lines of industrial machinery for some of the biggest companies in the US.Opportunities in Industrial MaintenanceThis is a very broad field it can take you anywhere you could start out doing basic preventive maintenance and end up designing and creating machinery thatchanges the world. You don’t have to have a college degree or technical degree you have to have the willingness to learn and curiosity. This field can range from the robots at McDonald’s filling your glass of Coke to the boilers your local hospital to the CNC robots welding cars together with the injection molding machines molding highly engineered parts the extruders extruding medical tubing the list goes on and on and on it never ends. If you drive around your town wherever you live you’re to find places that will need your skills the skills that you’ll learn in this course you will find that your needed. I can’t emphasize enough that this course is only taught to give you the basics so you can interview and get an entry-level job. Please don’t start troubleshooting working with electricity or hydraulics or pneumatics alone the downside to learning something like this over the Internet we can’t have a one-on-one lab so I can’t be there to teach you hands-on. I can teach you the terminology I can show you how to do it. I can show you what the equipment looks like I can teach you lockout tag out. The actual practical application I can’t what you need to do is learn everything you can from this course create a resume and go out and get an entry-level job and build yourself up from there. After taking this course,