Introduction To Audacity Audio Software



Make your own recordingsIn this course, you will learn all the basics necessary to enable you to confidently make your own audio recordings whether they are voice, music or other.Edit, add effects and moreAfter making the recordings, you will have learned the skills needed to edit your audio, add sound effects, merge different audio tracks and more.No tech skills necessaryYou will not have to be a tech whiz to understand the language or terminology used in the making of this course. It was made for regular people like you and I.Free PDFA free PDF document will be included for your reference that will include all the steps shown in the videos.Exact production sequenceThis course is structured in the exact sequence that a recording would be made and edited, therefore it is advisable to follow the lectures in sequence.Easy and simpleIf you are thinking of starting to make your own audio recordings but are daunted by the possible complexity of it, this course will both set your mind at ease and show you how easy it can be.