Big Data is not always about the volume of data, it is about the value that lies in that View of Data. Hence, big data is the amount of data which cannot be processed by the existing computational infrastructure. In much simpler terms, the amount of data which cannot fit into the RAM of your existing hardware for computational purposes, is referred to as big data for that hardware.The course gives basic understanding and jargons of the data science. Some of the advantages of big data are:Better Insights from DataBetter view of User behavioursHelps in more accurate predictionsHelps in personalization at ScaleSaves a lot of time required for information extractionIntegrates both structured and unstructured informationHelps in better decision makingHelps in becoming more customer-centricThe course will help you understand the basic concepts on identifying the right data and make sense of Big Data.Apache Hadoop is a framework designed to perform computations in a distributed fashion. It works on large clusters made up of commodity hardware connected by network. It is an Apache open source project under G N U Licenses. The framework is designed to process Big Data at a much higher speed than the existing Computational Setup.The following features make Hadoop so lovable:Open SourceRuns on Commodity HardwareFault TolerantScalableDistributed ProcessingParticipants will learn about Hadoop Architecture and some other open source technologies used for BIG Data processing. The course also touches topic like analytics through descriptive analytics, prescriptive analytics and predictive analytics.Welcome to learn more on BIG DATA