Business Support System or (BSS) facilitates the relationship of service providers with their customers. BSS consists of the components that Telecom Industry uses to run its business operations towards customers.BSS is more software oriented which deals with processes like taking orders from customer, ensuring that order is completed, processing the bills, and collecting the payment. BSS can be thought of the customer facing system. Four Main Processes of BSS are: Product Management Customer Management Order Management Revenue Management The major component of BSS is Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Customer can interact to CRM through various channels. These channels can be Call center, USSD, Company Portal, SMS, Email, Live Chat, Social Media, Company Store, Self-Service Kiosk, etc. The course covers good learning on importance of CRM in telecom business model. CRM provides one central platform for Sales, Marketing, Customer Service Team, etc. to give complete visibility into business and it also helps different teams to work together on one unified platform to grow leads, identify opportunities, close deals, and, support customers. Functionalities of CRM are: Marketing Management Sales Management Customer Information Management Service Request Service Complaint, and Customer Enquiry Apart from these concepts, participants will learn about Mediation system. It converts the raw Call Data Record or (CDR) into a format understandable by the Billing System. Mediation performs the following functions: Collects UDRs from Network Elements or NE Validates the UDRs Filters the UDRs and performs duplicate check Aggregates or splits UDRs as per requirement Formats the UDRs as per downstream system requirement, and Distributes the UDRs to downstream requirements The course cover rating and billing process. Rating system will apply charges as per plan. Billing system will apply discounts and generate the final bill that is invoice for the customer. The course concludes with Revenue Management, also known as Revenue Assurance, refers to the steps taken to increase the revenue of the CSP, without impacting the sales. Join us to learn in-detail about the concepts related to BSS.