Introduction to Child and Educational Psychology



Course Format: The course is lecture-based on power point slides, but questions and discussion are encouraged. I recommend that you complete assigned textbook readings prior to lecture. For further in-depth discussion of content, I recommend attending weekly Supplemental Instruction or Tutoring sessions. Many students have found it beneficial to read through the assigned reading both prior to and following lecture. Weekly assignments will also be assigned to help gauge your understanding of class content. Every effort will be made to keep to the schedule presented in the syllabus, although unforeseen emergencies may require changes. Any such changes will be announced and will be effective at the earliest reasonable opportunity. I would like to tell you something more about the course1. It is prepared on power point slides2. It is just like a text book which is shifted on slides3. And the instructor made the voice over in Asian accents4. Long course having textbook like contentsYou have to dig out the points from each video and run each video by stopping again and again. You have to focus on slides and focus on the voice over. You will read the each slide and collect the main points that you want to learn.Why I have described the above points? Because I don’t want to sell the things that are not matched with your interest. Everything should be clear before enrolling in this course. Course Instructor   AD Chauhdry