Introduction to Cognitive Behavior Therapy – Certificate



150students in 28 countries!!!and counting-This is a 10 session course (containing 20 lecture videos, word handouts, mp3 sound file lectures and a quiz to help reinforce the learning). The course introduces the student to all of the basics of Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Including: how it developed, how it works,the ABC model of distress, life rules, core beliefs and the links between what we think and how we feel. The course can be completed at the student’s own speed and includes powerpoint, handouts, teacher talk, teacher video, teacher white board presentation and opportunities to ask questions, discuss topics and share feedback. This course is suitable for anyone with an interest in CBT, either for their own use/development or for their future training and educational preferences. Included in the course is a free copy of Kevin O’Doherty’s best selling self help book: The Little Book of Thinking Errors; A Self Help Guide for Changing Unhelpful Thoughts.