Introduction to Computer Networks for QA Testers



++++++ Attention to all new enrolled/comingstudents and providers of the low ratings: +++++++Before you are enrolling to this course and trying to leave your feedback read carefully the introduction below in order to understand what this course is going to beabout.If you know thatthis course is not for you,don’t waste the time andbudgetto becomea student. And definitely, to leave the low rating that doesn’t match the actual targeted materials provided in the content ofthis course+++ Thanks for your understanding+++++++++++++++++++Hello Guys!This Course is only anintroduction and promotional courseto thefull “How to become successful QA Tester in Computer Networks”.In this shortcourseyou are going to learnthe concept of the OSI Model in Computer Networkstechnology and what you as QA Tester require to know.Again the whole required and necessary information on howQA Testing is involved in the Computer Networks technologyyou would find in the full:”How to become successful QA Tester in Computer Networks” course.Why would you like to learnthe Computer Network field forQA SW Testing?Did you hear about the monsters of IT industry such asCISCO, IBM, AVAYA, F5and others?If yes, you should know thattheNetworktechnology developed by these companiesis the heart of modern world, that we are living in. Your e-mail and Facebook connections, Instagram andGooglesearch are running on Network infrastructure, developed for the real progress of our life.Computer Networkis a top of IT industry pyramid.