Have you ever watched Criminal Minds or CSI and wondered about the science behind some of the issues they touch on? Are you interested in the darker side of human psychology?Do you struggle to understand why some people might break the law when they have legitimate alternatives? If so, this Introduction to Criminal Psychologycourse is made with you in mind!In this course, you will:Learn about how psychological theories have been used to understand criminal behaviourConsider the developmental trajectories of people who break the lawAppreciate how criminals may process information differently to non-criminalsThink about how social conditions contribute to law-breakingThis course gives you what you need to know to understand the corepsychology of criminal behaviour.You will be learning all of this from an expert in this field. I am a university-based forensic psychology lecturer, an activeresearch psychologist, and have published academic papers in the area of social and forensicpsychology.I hope you enjoy the course, and will be happy to answer an questions you have about the content.Welcome aboard!