Introduction to Cypress PSoC 4 with PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit



In this course on embedded systems usingPSoC 4you will learn how to usePSoC Creator, the IDE(Integrated and Development Environment)byCypress. As hardware you will usePSoC 4 Pioneer Kitthat is very powerful and low cost. The lessons cover both HW development with the schematic editor in PSoC Creator as the C programming. You will learn also howto program and debugPSoC 4Some of the components that you will learn will be the LEDs, pushbuttons, inputs handled by HW, Toggle Flip-Flop, Basic Counter, Counter, PWM, UART, Debouncer, Demultiplexer, Status Register, ADC, iDAC and more. In software you will see how to create flow programs without exceptions, with interruptions and how to debug it.